Chris Hemsworth shares ‘ice cold’ photos from the Extraction 2 filming

Chris Hemsworth is set to reprise his role as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2 and has already begun filming.

Previously, the actor and director Sam Hargrave published a video in  which they discussed the major differences between the original film and  the sequel.

After filming in the scorching heat of India and Thailand, Hemsworth  will reprise his deadly action exploits on the freezing streets of  Prague in the sequel.

The actor just shared new photographs from the film’s production in an ice-cold location on Instagram. “Week two down on Extraction 2, here’s a couple freezing cold shots,” Chris captioned the photos.

Hemsworth can be seen with a bruise on his forehead while standing  aboard what appears to be a vehicle or a train in one of the stills he  released.

Another snapshot was a behind-the-scenes shot of him and director Sam  Hargrave, who appeared to be dressed to the nines in the freezing  weather.

Following the huge success of Netflix’s Extraction, the streaming  service promptly renewed it for a sequel. The Russo brothers produced  the picture, which was directed by Hargrave.