Checkout Stephen Curry’s Hilarious Reaction After Hearing Warriors’ Road Record This Season

The Golden State Warriors, the defending champions, are having a difficult season with a 7-25 record in away games.

Stephen Curry, the Warriors' star player, was asked about the team's road struggles by Ernie Johnson before their game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Curry was not enthusiastic about discussing the team's poor record and seemed to have blocked out the second number of their record.

Curry attributed the team's struggles to injuries and a constantly changing roster, which has made it difficult to maintain consistency.

The Warriors also had a winless start to the season, which has contributed to their poor record on the road.

Curry acknowledged that teams often gear up to play against the Warriors because of their status as champions.

Despite their struggles, the Warriors still have a talented roster that is capable of winning games.

However, their record of 7-26 after their game against the Grizzlies suggests that they may be in serious trouble this season.

The Warriors will need to find a way to improve their performance on the road if they hope to turn their season around and defend their title.