Kevin Durant is one of the best scorers that the game has ever seen, and there's no doubt that he will go down as one of the defining players of the generation.

However, many have criticized him for joining the Golden State Warriors back in 2016 and tagging on to a team that has already won a championship. He then proceeded to leave the team in 2019 free agency.

When speaking to Stefan Bondy of The New York Daily News, Charles Barkley stated the team getting back to the Finals without Kevin Durant will affect his legacy.

"Three years after Kevin Durant left them in free agency, the Warriors are back in the Finals, and the Nets couldn’t win a playoff game."

“You know it has an effect on his legacy,” said Barkley, who was promoting his upcoming appearance at the American City Golf Championship at Tahoe. 

“If you go back and look, and I talked about it on the [TNT] show, LeBron has said it before — he said, ‘I had to win a championship without Dwyane Wade and 

Chris Bosh.’ And Kobe’s said it before, Rest in Peace, ‘I’ve got to win a championship without Shaq.'

“So Kevin and Kyrie [Irving], before we elevate them among the old guys, they’re not going to get the credit they deserve until they win a championship by themselves and be The Guy.”

There's no doubt that Kevin Durant will definitely be viewed more favorably if he is able to win a championship as the No. 1 option. Perhaps we will see that happen at some point in the future.