Kyrie Irving has been a subject of intense debate among NBA circles over the last couple of years. The Brooklyn Nets guard has been embroiled in one controversy after 

another since he joined the team back in 2019 and many have wondered if he is even worth the headache at this point, despite his immense talent.

While initially, it seemed like the Nets would be unwilling to give Kyrie a long-term extension, a new report has stated that Irving looks set to stay with the team.

Charles Barkley was asked yesterday how he would handle Irving's contract extension and Sir Charles stated that he wouldn't give the star guard a long-term contract.

via New York Daily News: “If it was me, I would say, ‘Hey guy, we can’t trust you,’” Barkley said. “We don’t know what you’re going to do. We’re going to pay you that $40 million 

next year to see if you’re going to act right. Because if you don’t act right with $40 million, you’re definitely not going to act right with $240 million.

So I’m not giving you a  four-year extension for  $200 million because we can’t count on you.’”

Barkley is insinuating here that Irving picks up his player option this summer worth $36.9 million and then plays the rest of the season without an extension.

It would be a fair way to go about it, as there are just too many question marks at this point.