Charles Barkley has made quite the career for himself as a panelist on Inside The NBA. Barkley joined the show right after he retired in 2000, and has been an important member of the show for 22 years now.

Barkley is considered essential to the show and is one of the biggest draws the show has. One of the most anticipated moments on the show is whenever Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal get into a debate.

And it appears that Shaquille O’Neal is a little sensitive when it comes to basketball strategy.

Charles Barkley was recently a guest on the Pivot Podcast. Barkley revealed that Shaq can be sensitive when it comes to talking about basketball strategy because he never had to have one.

“Only time it gets uncomfortable… Shaq is very sensitive. He’s very sensitive. We try to explain to him, there is a strategy in basketball. He doesn’t understand because he’s always been the biggest, 

baddest MFer in the world, so he never had to have a strategy. When he played against this guy, this guy, or this guy, he just (went) ‘I’m bigger, faster, stronger, better’."

"So he gets mad when we’re like ‘hey man, there is a strategy to this stuff’. He just starts ‘you ain’t won nothing’. I can understand he has never had to worry about a strategy, but the rest of us have had to worry about strategy.”

Barkley and Shaq are clearly good friends who happen to disagree, and so they express their thoughts and debate over who is right and who is wrong.

But it does make for highly entertaining television for NBA fans, and we hope it continues for as long as possible.