Coming into the league, Charles Barkley had the opportunity to play with some absolute legends being part of the historic 1984 NBA Draft class, which included Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon.

He discussed his rookie season in the NBA when he went as a guest on Pivot Podcast.

“You have to be in shape for pro sports. That’s one thing I tell people. Moses (Malone) said ‘hey, you’re fat and lazy. If you want me to help you, I’ll help you’."

"And he said something that changed my life. He says ‘I don’t even know what your playing weight should be but lets just lose 10 pounds’."

"This is a guy who was already one of the all time greats. Starts spending time with me before practice, after practice. I lost 10 pounds, I get to 290."

"He says ‘let’s lose 10 more’. 280, 270, 260, 250. I got to 240, but I had no strength and energy… I got down to 250."

"He says ‘250 is your weight’. And at this point I’m starting. And I tell people, if he had told me in the beginning ‘let’s lose 50 pounds’, that probably would have been overwhelming."

"But he said ‘let’s lose 10 pounds’. Then, like I said, once I got to 250, I was just killing people and the rest is history."

While Barkley never won the NBA championship, he is remembered as one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA.

Barkley was a superstar and was able to dominate opponents due to his frightening combination of size, speed, and strength.