Charles Barkley Reveals A Shaquille O’Neal Business Tactic That Helps Him Stay on Top of His Businesses

Chris Cuomo recently spoke with Charles Barkley. The 11-time NBA All-Star and TNT analyst shared his opinions on politics, the NBA, and other subjects.

Chuck was questioned by Cuomo on a number of topics, including his friendship with Shaq.

By his questioning, Cuomo assisted in revealing how Barkley modified a method Shaq used to strengthen his business ties:

“He’s a great businessman. He did something – he taught me something last year. We stayed at the same hotel, he was having some meetings. I said ‘Shaq! What are your meetings for?'”

“He said ‘Once every few months, I bring all the companies that I work for, together. And I check how I can make things better for you guys."

"I don’t just do their commercials and take their money. I meet with them a couple of times a year.'”

“I said that’s a stroke of genius. Like, I’ve never done that before. I’d do the commercial, I like the people I do the commercials for. But I don’t see them again until the next commercial.”

“But now I tell my agent and ask him to call them and ask them if they’re happy with the commercial. Or if there’s anything I can do to help publicize their brand. So he taught me a lot about business.”

Some of the most memorable television sports moments have been produced by Shaq and Chuck. Other sports shows have unsuccessfully attempted to replicate the chemistry they have with one another.