Charles Barkley is one of the most honest analysts in all of basketball. However, this often results in some ruthless honesty by the Hall of Famer and former MVP.

There are plenty of takes over Barkley's 20+-year television career that shows that the man speaks without a filter.

Barkley and 'Inside The NBA' co-host Shaquille O'Neal have often been very critical of Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid because of his propensity to shoot and play passively.

Barkley started firing again as the 76ers failed to win Game 5 against the Heat after Embiid failed to win MVP.

"I said at halftime that Joel was so distracted by all this MVP stuff. He came out with no energy, distracted, and the rest of the team followed."

"I am saying my opinion because he wasn't aggressive. I don't mind the guy having a bad game. He was shooting fadeaway jumpers, shooting threes, he wasn't aggressive."

"I am just trying to figure. He only shot the ball 12 times. He made some plays in the second half but the game was out of their hands."

"He was distracted and the other players are gonna follow him, just like they did in Philly for two games. I feel bad because he's a great kid, but sometimes, things happen that bother you."

Embiid has been shying away from taking a lot of shots and banging in the post since he came back from injury.

Embiid can't provide what he did in the regular season, he is genuinely banged up. The onus falls more on the others around him, but they aren't the caliber of Embiid.