The 1992 Dream Team was one of the best Olympic men's basketball teams in United States History, if not the best featuring many illustrious players, such as Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.

Charles Barkley was a member of the 1992 Dream Team, and there is no doubt that he was extremely valuable to the team's success.

In fact, Charles Barkley has recently claimed that he was the 2nd best player on that team, only behind Michael Jordan.

"There was only on motherf***er (better). Michael... Go back and look. Go back and check."

During the 1991-92 NBA season, Charles Barkley averaged 23.1 PPG, 11.1 RPG, and 4.1 APG with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Shaquille O'Neal has once pointed out that Barkley played well above his size.

"Charles Barkley. The Round Mound of Rebound...You always hear the term ‘Size doesn’t matter.’ For Charles Barkley, size did not matter."

"As a center are always 6’10, 6’11 or 7 foot. Power forwards are 6'8, 6’9 or 6’10. Not Charles Barkley. Charles Barkley was a solid 6’4."

"He didn’t care if you were taller or you were bigger or if you were faster or if you were stronger. He was gonna go through you and nothing could stop this man."

"A guy that played with that tenacity, with that speed and with that force plus the mentality he had of not caring, you could tell that he was going to be hard to stop."