Celtics’ Jayson Tatum Drops Important Update on Wrist Injury

Recently, the Boston Celtics have been plagued by injuries, and even star forward Jayson Tatum isn't immune.

The MVP candidate has been dealing with wrist problems since last year because of a non-displaced fracture in his left wrist, which bothered him during the C's protracted run to the 2022 NBA Finals.

Fortunately, despite the discomfort, he doesn't see himself missing many games this season.

Tatum hasn't ruled out having surgery at the end of the season, despite his commitment to playing as much as he can right now:

The 24-year-old has only missed three games so far in the 2022–23 season; most recently, he took a break during Boston's victory over the Toronto Raptors on Saturday while playing without a bench.

Tatum is very healthy compared to many other NBA players. Since joining the league in 2017, he has even played more than a thousand more minutes than any other player (including both the regular season and the playoffs):

The three-time All-Star is entitled to some rest and injury care given his long career.

Nevertheless, he will play again tonight against the Orlando Magic, a group to which Boston has already suffered two losses this year.

Tatum is available for Monday night's match in Orlando, but the Green Team will be without Malcolm Brogdon, Marcus Smart, and possibly Robert Williams III.