Carrie Bradshaw Has Dementia? Fans See Signs In Latest Episode Of ‘And Just Like That’

‘And Just Like That,’ a revival of the ‘Sex and the City’ franchise, premiered on HBO Max on December 9, 2021. In the most recent episode of the series, viewers believe that protagonist Carrie Bradshaw is suffering from memory loss.

Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) shocked fans when she claimed she puts her coffee in the freezer during a talk with Miranda Hobbes (played by Cynthia Nixon) in the second episode of the series. Carrie has problems recalling what she and Miranda were talking about shortly after.

Having said that, this scenario takes place shortly after John Preston, also known as Mr Big (played by Chris Noth), suffers an unexpected heart attack. Miranda decides to spend the night with a heartbroken Carrie to make sure she isn’t alone; so Carrie contacts Miranda. She acts strange the next morning, indicating at the freezer when Miranda asks where she keeps her coffee because she hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep.

Carrie also forgets what the two were talking about in the middle of the chat and asks Miranda; who is patient throughout, to remind her what they were talking about. Her fans believe she is coping with the loss of her husband or that she is exhibiting dementia signs.


Some people believe her coffee is kept in the freezer to keep it fresh and last longer.

Furthermore, reports claim that persons with dementia tend to hide things in unusual places, primarily because they forget where they’ve stored them. So, what will the final decision be? Is Carrie simply going through a difficult period of sorrow, or does she require professional assistance? Keep following us for the latest updates about the show.

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