Canelo Alvarez's fate against Dmitry Bivol in a potential rematch is predicted by Mike Tyson's kid

Canelo Alvarez has always had the support of Mike Tyson.

In reality, "Kid Dynamite" offered advice on social media to Alvarez after the Mexican Phenom's defeat to Dmitry Bivol the previous year, outlining how the Mexican Phenom should improve going forward.

Yet, Canelo Alvarez is admired not just by the former heavyweight world champion but also by his son Miguel Tyson. 

Miguel Tyson even foretold Alvarez's outcome versus Bivol in a potential rematch in a recent interview.

As a result, Miguel Tyson responded without hesitation when asked who his favourite fighter was.

"You already know it's Canelo.'' 

Miguel also believes that Alvarez will undoubtedly seek revenge for his boxing defeat against Bivol.

Because of this, he responded, "We already know what's going to happen, Canelo all the way," when asked to make a prediction.



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