Byju’s Has Halted All Ads Starring Shah Rukh Khan After Aryan Khan’s Arrest

The arrest of Aryan Khan in the alleged drug case has shocked not only Shah Rukh Khan and his family, but the whole entertainment industry.

According to reports, the star kid was arrested last weekend during an NCB raid on a cruise ship in Mumbai.

According to reports in the media, Byju’s has canceled the advertising featuring SRK for the time being, putting their partnership with the superstar on hold.

To be clear, King Khan has been the face of the Byju’s as well as a number of other brands

Byju’s was SRK’s greatest sponsorship agreement, with him earning roughly Rs 3-4 crores every year.

t had to be canceled because the company, which is in the education field, didn’t want to be associated with him in advertising because of the controversy

“These ads were scheduled in advance—as is the process—so it took some time to stop all of them,” the insider continued.