BTS’ V’s self-designed leather backpack was in hot demand

Members of BTS may be on vacation, but thank goodness for their substance!

Big Hit Music stated on New Year’s Eve that all of BTS’s members will  release self-designed gear for ARMYs this New Year, and their  ‘artist-made collections’ will be released one by one.

Preview photographs of V aka Kim Taehyung’s apparel were released on  January 8, KST. V gifted admirers with a brooch set of his artworks and a  leather bag containing a palette of his favorite colors, showcasing his  artistic character ‘Vante’ through his designs.

V also debuted his ‘Mute Boston Bag,’ a sleek and small leather bag that can be used for a variety of reasons.

Fans couldn’t stop admiring V’s incredible artistic talent as soon as  the official images were released! Fans fell in love with the  self-designed bag since it displays V’s particular style in every fabric  of its design.

The color scheme and all of the details, from the Vante artworks to the  scarf, were a great representation of V. Fans are already joking that  they might not be able to afford it because it is well-deservedly  pricey!

Jin and J-Hope previously came to the group’s aid when fans objected to the merch’s controversial pricing.

The new merch collection was quickly panned due to its high prices, with  the pajamas set costing $119,000 and the pillows set costing $69,000.

Fans screamed that it was well above market pricing, yet it was sold out in minutes, showing BTS and ARMY’s strength once again!