BTS’ V To Sue Sojang: ARMY Slams Youtuber For Defaming K-Pop Idols

Being famous can be both a blessing and a curse. Along with a large fan base; celebrities will have a large number of detractors; who will go to great measures to bring them down. In fact, bogus claims of them being school bullies surfaced in early 2021; prompting a coordinated onslaught on various K-pop idols.

In South Korea, school bullying is highly brutal, and as a result, the general public turns their backs on the accused when there is even a remote suspicion based on rumours. While that attempt was fortunately foiled due to idols gathering evidence; a YouTuber has once again targeted BTS’ V.

Sojang, a YouTuber, has recently begun producing videos aimed at celebs and K-pop idols; brazenly defaming them with baseless charges. Antis, on the other hand; has been giving the YouTube videos a lot of views, causing them to go viral, with non-fans believing the false charges. 

They recently went after BTS’ V, nicknamed Kim Taehyung, claiming that he was involved in a serious incident after causing a drunken disturbance.

V has decided to sue after a fan grabbed a snapshot of the YouTube channel and uploaded it on the K-pop portal Weverse. The BTS member indicated he would take legal action against the YouTuber as soon as he saw the post. V made the first sly remark, “Oh?!! I will proceed with a lawsuit. I guess I can earn some snack money with this. Even mentioning my family and friends, see ya.”