BTS Taehyung's "Unwhitewashed" Photos From CELINE Event Showing His "Honey Skin" Go Viral

BTS fans are going crazy over the unedited photos of Taehyung from the CELINE pop-up event that he attended on March 30 in Seoul. 

The photos show Taehyung's natural honey skin tone, which is often whitewashed by editors or covered by makeup.

 Fans praised Taehyung for embracing his natural beauty and breaking the stereotypes of colorism in the Korean entertainment industry.

Taehyung, also known as V, is one of the global ambassadors of CELINE, a French luxury brand. He was personally chosen by the creative director Hedi Slimane, who gave him the special title of "CELINE Boy". 

Taehyung made his first official appearance as a CELINE ambassador at the pop-up event, where he stunned everyone with his flawless visuals and impeccable fashion sense.

He wore an all-black outfit from CELINE Homme's Summer 2023 collection, consisting of a long coat, a shirt, a pair of jeans, and some accessories. He completed his look with a $3,450 large strap Romy bag and $1,350 Zipped Conique Boot With Metal Toe In Shiny Calfskin from CELINE. 

His outfit quickly sold out in South Korea after his appearance, proving his influence as a fashion icon.

But what caught the most attention was his unwhitewashed photos from the event, which highlighted his natural honey skin tone. Fans were amazed by how gorgeous he looked without any editing or makeup.

 They pointed out how Taehyung doesn't need any artificial enhancement to look stunning. They also applauded him for normalizing his natural skin tone in an industry where colorism is still a huge issue.