BTS Taehyung Shut Down TaeKook Shippers Long Before Jennie Dating Rumors

Maira Shakeel

Amidst resurfacing dating rumors involving BTS member V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Vkook shippers continues to dismiss the credibility of their relationship

The dating rumors escalated when a video purportedly showed V and Jennie walking together on the streets of Paris

Certain fans who ship V and Jungkook as a couple persist in their belief that the Paris video is a hoax

claiming that the true romantic pairing is V and Jungkook.

but one of the V's statement from 2019 is resurfacing again which dismisses all the talk of Vkook shipper's 

On the fan platform Weverse, V sought advice on methods to improve sleep,

to which a “Vkook stan” commented, suggesting that V should look at photos of Jungkook

V promptly replied to the fan’s comment, urging them to “escape from [their] imagination” and pointing out that such shipping fantasies are unhealthy

BTS’ Suga is praised for inclusion of trigger warnings during his tour