BTS Taehyung & BLACKPINK Jennie Rank As Most-Followed K-Pop Artists On Instagram

BTS and BLACKPINK's fan went jumping in the excitement when a video surfaced allegedly featuring V and Jennie holding hands in Paris

The two global stars walking along the Seine river in Paris, sparked rumors of a possible romance between them.

The next day, both Taehyung and Jennie became the most-followed K-Pop artists on Instagram

Many fans were thrilled by the possibility of Taehyung and Jennie dating

Fans also praised their managers and bodyguards for protecting them from unwanted attention

The hashtag #Taennie, a combination of Jennie and Taehyung name trended on Twitter

As fans wants to show their love and admiration towards them 

BTS’ Suga is praised for inclusion of trigger warnings during his tour