BTS Jungkook's Denim Look In Jimin's Dance Practice Video Goes Viral

Jungkook fans are always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends from their favorite idol. 

Recently, they were treated to a surprise appearance by Jungkook in Jimin's dance practice video for his solo song "Like Crazy". 

The video, which was posted on their YouTube channel, showed the two members having fun. However, what caught the attention of many fans was Jungkook's stunning denim look that made him look like a model.

Jungkook wore a denim shirt and pant suit by Juun.J, a Korean designer known for his avant-garde and oversized silhouettes. 

Jungkook paired the suit with a black cap by Calvin Klein, which had an embroidered monogram logo on the front. The cap quickly went out of stock on CK's website.

He also wore a pair of black boots by Alexander McQueen, which had a chunky rubber sole and a metal toe cap. The boots are called "tread slick boots" and are part of the brand's signature footwear collection.

Jungkook's denim look was a perfect contrast to Jimin's casual and sporty outfit.

The two idols showed off their different styles and personalities, but also their close friendship and chemistry. Fans loved how Jungkook came to support Jimin during his solo project, and how they joked around in the video.

Jungkook is not only a talented singer, dancer, and producer, but also a fashion icon who can pull off any look. His denim look in Jimin's dance practice video was another example of his versatility and charisma.