BTS' Jungkook warns sasaeng fans to stop sending food to his home

Maira Shakeel

BTS' Jungkook warned sasaeng fans to stop sending food to his home.

On May 4 KST, Jungkook took to Weverse to update fans on the invasion of privacy that's been happening to him lately.

He wrote, "Please don't deliver food to my house. I'm not going to eat it.

I'm grateful for the thought, but I eat well on my own.

Take care of your own meals. I beg of you. If you send it one more time, I'll check the receipt order number and take action. So stop it."

In response, ARMY have spoken up to defend the BTS member

They wrote, "He's not okay with it just because he said it with a smile," "I need you all to leave Jungkook alone,

The fact that Jungkook has to ask every time to not cross his boundaries," and more.

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