BTS’ Jungkook Saved A Playlist On Spotify & ARMYs Can’t Get Enough Of Title

By: Christy R Mathew

Jungkook of BTS recently caused a stir on the internet when he finally got his own Spotify account. Jungkook’s solo tracks were previously listed under BTS’s account, but he now has his own account.

As expected, it piqued listeners’ interest in what to expect from the artist, particularly the phrase “Wait just a bit longer 🙂 Wait plz a bit 🙂”. For many, the possibility of new music in the future sounded like a teaser.

Spotify isn’t simply for musicians to produce music; anyone can explore the catalogue and construct their own listening playlists. Users can also like or save other playlists if something appeals to their musical tastes.

Jungkook’s participation on the site, as well as his selection of “Artist’s playlists,” drew the attention of fans on January 7 (KST). The first playlist released was dubbed “pit-a-pat,” which is designed to imitate a heartbeat’s rhythm.

The playlist includes songs by Troye Sivan, John Mayer, and Harry Styles, among other international performers. A track from the BL film Call Me By Your Name is also included.

The other playlist, on the other hand, drew worldwide notice and was even trending. “GENDERR!!” was the second playlist under Jungkook’s playlists, with the image “Gender Kills My Vibes.” The songs are from diverse artists and have different fundamental messages relating to the playlist’s name, just like the previous playlist. Many include puberty, gender, and a variety of other themes.

Social media went ballistic when followers started sharing Jungkook’s Spotify updates. Fans couldn’t get enough of the playlist’s title, and they enjoyed that, despite his celebrity, Jungkook was defying traditional Korean ideas and expectations once again.

Many fans also believe it wasn’t all that surprising. Jungkook, like the rest of BTS, has been praised for defying gender stereotypes with their concepts and clothes. He’s also made headlines for claiming that fashion has no gender, saying in an interview, “Great style is wearing anything you like, regardless of gender.”

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