BTS’ Jungkook Becomes First Person To Achieve 1 Million Retweets Each On 7 Tweets

Famous K-Pop Boy Band BTS’ member Jungkook has added yet another record under his belt.

Apart from being a talented K-Pop musician, the singer is also a powerful social media celebrity.

Jungkook recently became the first person on the planet to have 1 million retweets on seven of his tweets. What a stupendous milestone!

The singer’s name was seen on top of the trending list on Twitter after he achieved the massive milestone on social media.

Some hashtags that were the most prominent were #KINGJungkook, #CongratulationsJungkook, and #SNSKingJungkook.

Jungkook also boasts the record of being the only artist on the planet with 4 individual tweets having more than 3 Million likes.

Jungkook is truly unstoppable when it comes to music and social media!