BTS Jimin’s Song Deemed Unfit For Broadcast By KBS

By: Christy R Mathew

In the music business, the Korean boy band BTS has become a household name. Jimin, one of its members, just released his debut solo album, “Face,” which fans have been eagerly anticipating. 

However, it appears that the album has met a snag since one of the tracks, “Face-off,” was judged unfit for transmission by KBS.

KBS is a significant South Korean television network, and its music review board evaluates the acceptability of songs for transmission based on a variety of criteria, including lyrical content.

The lyrics of “Face-off” were discovered to include profanity and filthy language, making it unfit for screening on KBS.

Jimin, fellow BTS member RM, and numerous producers collaborated on “Face-off”. It’s a fast-paced track that demonstrates Jimin’s flexibility as a performer. 

However, its lyrics appear to have crossed a threshold for KBS, which has rigorous broadcast content rules.

Despite this failure, Jimin’s CD contains two other tracks, “Like Crazy” and “Alone,” which were approved for transmission by KBS.

These songs highlight Jimin’s emotional range as a musician and illustrate why he is such a popular member of BTS.