BTS is highly sought after in the luxury fashion industry, not only because of their fame

BTS has been constantly mentioned in the fashion world, showing their irrefutable influence.

Luxury fashion brands around the simply do not miss the opportunity to collaborate with the boys

Jimin and j-hope then appeared together in the front row of the Dior Men Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show, causing a stir on social media.

According to statistics from the brand marketing platform Lefty, Jimin is one of the most influential stars for Dior during the 2023 Paris Fashion Week

Next in the queue is BTS member Jungkook fashion which cause the stir on the social media every-time he makes the appearence 

it is impossible to forget the “sold-out” phenomenon that Calvin Klein experienced, when they named Jungkook as an ambassador at the end of March.

but according to the reports BTS's members collaboration with luxury brands is not only because pf their fame

It's more about their personal style which align with the top luxury brands 

BTS’ Suga is praised for inclusion of trigger warnings during his tour