BTS Fans Upset With Poor Quality Of Butter Merch

Christy Mathew

BTS’s name may be synonymous with quality, but the official merch for their current album, Butter, is not, according to some fans.

The Weverse Shop, a global fan commerce portal run by HYBE, BTS’ official agency, is in charge of selling official products for artists under Weverse. However, their merchandise has recently been criticised for inadequate quality control.

Many admirers expressed their displeasure on the social media site The Qoo, with one commenting, “This is a straight-up scam”. BTS fans are no exception. Band apparel is one of the most sought-after products for any fan. These things are frequently sold out in a matter of seconds and then resold for up to ten times their original price. For enthusiasts who have waited months to get their hands on the products, the poor quality comes as a shock.

Several admirers received Butter items on October 31, and they were underwhelmed. Several ARMY members expressed their dissatisfaction with the low-quality products, which were all “official” merchandise and offered solely on Weverse.

The Butter cassette is merchandise designed like a cassette based on BTS’ Butter that is available at Weverse Shop. According to reports, the item received differed significantly from the product description and photograph. The contrast was stark, even though there was no caution that it might seem different.

The merchandise consisted of a cassette tape box with the Butter album cover on it and a tape with the track name “Butter” on it. It’s a one-of-a-kind item that can only be found in the Weverse Shop. Fans, on the other hand, pointed out numerous flaws after obtaining the product.

The official product image depicted a brilliant yellow tape box with ivory-coloured tape inside; but the real product seemed to be a bland imitation. The tape is intended to have a clear “Butter” logo on it; but the one that was received was blurry and white in colour. It’s clear that the materials utilised to produce the things are of terrible quality.

A buyer said, “It’s like a general merchandiser who takes stock of a company that went bankrupt on the subway and sells it in bundles. The types are also varied and low-quality like a general merchant. I think the company is going bankrupt and is looting inventory. I think the fans who buy this are also bad.”