BTS, Coldplay Fans Shocked As Collab Track Pre-Orders Sold Out In Minutes

– Christy Mathew


Finally, after teasing multiple collab rumours ever since the beginning of 2021, fans of BTS and Coldplay will see their favourites collaborating together for new music. BTS is the biggest K-Pop group on the planet at the moment. They have hits like Dynamite, Butter and Permission to Dance in English.


Their singles have broken records when it comes to sales, views, charts, and awards. However, we can never stop BTS from taking over the world. As for Coldplay, it is a band with 5 members and has gained massive popularity with their songs like Hymn for the Weekend, Yellow, Paradise and more.

The band was called the most successful back in the 2000s. They have also won many accolades such as Grammy awards and Brit Awards.




Fans have been extremely excited for the two bands to collaborate as they kept searching for possible hints. The rumours of them collaborating surfaced when Chris Martin from Coldplay avoided questions that were directed to the rumours of a collab with BTS.


Fans began suspecting since then that there might be something cooking. Many snippets and spoilers were released by Coldplay themselves. However, the BTS Army knew instantly that a collab was coming. Recently, BTS appeared on a video for Youtube Released where they were interviewed by Chris.


The band talked about the Permission to Dance Challenge that had taken over Youtube Shorts. This was exactly what fans wanted as Chris was chosen to interview the band. Fans thought that the whole interaction was heartwarming as it is a fact that the oldest member of BTS, Jin loves Coldplay.



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