BTS becomes First Band In History To Have FIVE #1 Debuts On Billboard Hot 100

Christy Mathew

Everybody is aware of BTS’ collaboration with the Grammy-winning band, Coldplay as it is getting legendary day after day. Both the bands came together for the very first time for the pre-release single My Universe for Coldplay’s upcoming album, Music of the Spheres.

The song was released on September 24 and we got remixes and lyrics videos. We were also fortunate enough to get a music video with both the bands together. And to ARMYs delight, the song is making history on all kinds of platforms like Billboard.

ARMYs got the good news of BTS leader RM becoming the youngest and second most credited songwriter in K-Pop thanks to his contribution in the lyrics for My Universe. Along with this epic collaborative song, RM has written 178 songs in total.

A day after the song was released, My Universe was on #1 on iTunes in 95 countries. Now, Billboard announced on October 5 that the single featuring both Coldplay and BTS has topped the charts. The song has become the 1,129th song to hit #1 on Billboard Hot 100.

It has also become the 57th song to debut directly at #1 in the history of Billboard. This is Coldplay’s second song to have directly hit #1 after Viva La Vida in 2008. While the ARMY is ecstatic for Coldplay, they have another reason to celebrate.

BTS makes history with My Universe becoming their sixth song to debut at #1 on Billboard Hot 100. It is also the top-selling song of this week after their English single, Butter.

The band has become the artist with the most #1 hits on Billboard. They have also been the second-highest to have spent most weeks on #1 in the 2020s. BTS has also become the first band with the most #1 debuts on Hot 100 along with 5 of their songs debuting at #1. Fans are impressed that they are in the same league as The Beatles.

ARMY started various trends like ‘FIRST BAND IN HISTORY’ and #MyUniverseNo1onHot100 as they cannot help but be happy for their achievement. A fan wrote, “BTS’ 6TH #1 ON THE HOT100, THE FIRST BAND IN HISTORY TO EARN 5 #1 DEBUTS ON THE CHART & THE FASTEST TO ACCUMULATE SIX #1 HITS SINCE THE BEATLES IN 64-66, I’M SO HAPPY & PROUD OF THEM”.