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BTS ARMY Surprised As The Band Bags Song Of Summer After Snub

By Christy Mathew

The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards 2021 premiered on September 12, at 8 pm ET. This was the same day as BTS’ leader Kim Namjoon’s birthday and BTS has got another reason to celebrate now.

BTS won three awards at the ceremony as they won the title of Song of Summer for their single, Butter. They also won Group of the year and K-Pop Music Video of the year. 

One Direction had won the first-ever award for Song of Summer back in 2013. This was decided because of social media votes where fans can decide which song will be Song of Summer.

Back in 2020, fans had chosen BlackPink to win the title for their song, How You Like That. This award marks as BTS’ ninth ever win at the MTV VMAs over three years.

However, before the award for MTV VMAs Song of Summer, fans had thought that BTS was already snubbed because they did not win for categories like Song of the Year, Best Pop. But BTS was not nominated for huge categories like Artist of the Year and the title for Choreography of the year.

Fans had started tweeting about how their favourite K-Pop group did not win the awards they deserved. That is why they were shocked when BTS had won Song of the Summer at the 2021 MTV VMAs.This is the second time ‘Butter’ has been announced as the Summer Song.