BTOB’s Ilhoon Is Free, Gets 3 Years Probation For Smoking Marijuana

By: Christy Mathew

Jung Ilhoon is finally released after months of agony and appeals. Before coming under criticism for consuming marijuana multiple times, the K-pop idol was a member of the legendary boy group BTOB. He was taken to court since it was still regarded as an illegal narcotic in South Korea. Fans were concerned when he was forced to leave his band and condemned to prison. However, the most recent sentence has everyone ecstatic since Ilhoon will be released on probation, which is a gift compared to two years in prison.

Fans were taken aback when the former BTOB member was sentenced to two years in prison for the first time. While in the military, Ilhoon was being investigated, which caused everyone to come together because the punishment was too harsh for a crime like his. In fact, the prosecution had requested four years in prison, leaving everyone wondering if they had a personal grudge against Ilhoon.

The K-pop idol, together with his admirers, filed many petitions and letters of apology with the court. Furthermore, incorrect evidence was discovered, prompting the court to schedule a second hearing in December. Ilhoon had admitted the allegation of using marijuana 161 times between 2016 and 2019. The court changed his punishment after he submitted more than 80 apology letters guaranteeing that he was neither a frequent smoker nor an addict.

He was taken to court on December 16th. The judge told Ilhoon and his family; who were crying, that they had chosen to let him go free. The former BTOB star was sentenced to three years of probation instead of the normal two years. If he breaks it; he will be sentenced to two years in prison. He was also sentenced to 40 hours of drug rehabilitation and a fine of 126.63 million won ($106,955).

Ilhoon had not smoked marijuana on a regular basis; and he had not purchased marijuana on purpose, according to the court. He had no criminal background and had made an unintentional purchase for a little sum. 

They were particularly impressed that Ilhoon had willingly quit smoking and was undergoing therapy for his mental illness. He was also undergoing an online addiction treatment programme.

According to the court, he has also submitted over 100 statements of remorse since the start of the trial. They were also moved by the number of appeals for compassion that had been submitted by supporters. The court added, “[Ilhoon’s] family shows a strong will to lead and social bonds are well maintained, so it is expected to have a positive effect in deterring recidivism.”

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