Bryce Hall Calls Logan & Jake Paul As Internet’s Most “Two-Faced” Influencers

Christy Mathew

Bryce Hall, a TikTok star, has slammed Jake and Logan Paul, calling the boxing brothers the most “two-faced” influencers he’s ever met.

On November 11, Bryce Hall and fellow influencer Tana Mongeau took part in a Q&A “confession” session. The goal of the game was to be as honest as possible when answering questions from fans.

The duo stumbled across a fan question asking them to pick the “most shocking two-faced influencer”; they knew after exposing humiliating stories about themselves; and disclosing secrets about their lives in Los Angeles. While Mongeau responded with “James Charles,” 

Bryce Hall responded with the internet celebrity brothers Jake and Logan Paul. “I don’t want to start beef,” Hall said before responding, “Logan and Jake. That’s the only ones I can think of,” he said. “because they always talk nice to me in person and then s**t on me online.”

Fans aren’t surprised by this news, since Bryce and Logan have been feuding; since Hall was spotted smooching Logan’s ex-girlfriend, model Josie Canseco; in a viral TikTok video earlier this year.

Although Paul didn’t seem concerned by it, based on his hilarious response; the two influencers looked to have a pleasant relationship prior to the viral kiss. 

Hall was featured in an episode of Logan’s ‘IMPAULSIVE‘ podcast in July 2020.