AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker recently spoke with In The Kliq Podcast, where she reflected on a recent CM Punk promo.

He claimed that Baker was one of the four pillars of AEW, and that is a statement she agrees with.

“I am glad someone said it because I agree. You can’t say AEW and the pillars without bringing up my name too,” Baker highlighted.

“I’ve been here, I’ve been the face of the women’s division, and women’s wrestling is just as important as the men’s wrestling.

So, to say that I am not a pillar, you need an examination. How could you possibly argue that?”

Britt Baker was then asked about the forbidden door and potential matches outside of AEW.

“Not to kind of turn the tides here, but unfortunately, WWE has been releasing so many talents that right now you don’t even have to cross forbidden doors

There’s just so many amazingly talented free agents right now, period,” she said. “There’s just so many right now that I would love to wrestle that I’ve never wrestled before.

“Toni Storm, definitely,” Baker revealed as her ideal opponent. “Toni Storm, when you talk about top female wrestlers if she doesn’t come to mind, then you’re not watching.

Because she’s absolutely phenomenal, she’s wrestled all over the world and I have never wrestled her. I would love to somehow, someway, someplace, lock up with her.”