Britt Baker recently appeared on In The Kliq Podcast and during the podcast she spoke in detail about Adam Cole joining the company.

The AEW Women’s Champion stated she didn’t give him any added pressure as she knew he was stressed.

“I didn’t really have to give him any persuasion or advice or anything,” she said.

“We live together, he knows pretty much everything that goes on at my workplace, the behind the scenes, how it works, how it runs, and who’s all there. I didn’t know what he was going to do to be totally honest with you.

“I didn’t want to add any outside pressure,” Britt revealed.

“Because I knew he was already really stressed out about it. He had a lot of people in NXT that he was really good friends with and loved working with.”

Finally, Britt Baker revealed how she knew Cole would sign with the company.

She put over the AEW President, Tony Khan, as she felt he would sign after meeting him because there is no greater boss, according to her.

“Not to mention Tony Khan, who is absolutely fantastic,” she stressed.

“I knew as soon as he talked to Tony Khan, that was it because there’s no boss better, in any area of any industry than Tony Khan.”