Bradley Beal has already been putting in work this summer, hoping to have a big return to form next season as he looks to be entering his 30s.

Beal unveiled the refurbishment of the 'Banneker court' near HBCU Howard University in Washington, DC. They held a free basketball camp for kids aged 6-14 in partnership with the Wizards.

One kid in attendance had some fun at Beal's expense, as he yelled 'brick' when Beal took his first shot of the day. 

That's an unfortunate but hilarious moment for Beal, one of the best shooters and scorers in the league right now. 

Beal does need to do more on the court now if he is serious about making a jump into becoming a consistent playoff performer. 

Beal has been a Washington Wizard his entire career, but has already made a decision on his future that he is yet to reveal to everyone else.

There is a chance that Beal demands to be moved internally, which could allow the Wizards to get some assets for him rather than lose him to unrestricted free agency.

A crossroads has emerged, and it will be interesting to see if the team and player finally split in 2022.