Five Times Mike Tyson Unleashed His Wrath Outside the Boxing Ring

Unlike other world champions, Mike Tyson was not only a boxer but a unique persona. He was as famous for making controversies outside the ring as for fighting inside the ring.

With the savage attitude backed by the art of fighting, ‘Iron’ Mike was fearless. Those who could not sit well with Tyson had to face the wrath of the youngest heavyweight champion ever.

He is not the type of man who would ignore the insults thrown at him. ‘The Baddest Man on Planet’ is known for returning the dirt with a more intense tone.

In an interview, ‘The Pretty Boy’ had claimed that he was the greatest boxer of all time. According to Mayweather, he is greater than Muhammad Ali.  

When the media asked him about this, Tyson said, “He’s very delusional. Listen, if he was anywhere near that realm of greatness with Ali he’d be able to take his kids to school by himself.''

He can’t take his kids to school by himself, and he’s talking about he’s great? Greatness is not guarding yourself from the people, greatness is being accepted by the people.

Ahead of one of the biggest clashes in the boxing history between Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis, things went wild. During a face-off, Tyson came aggressive and engaged in a physical exchange.

In the rematch between the two greatest heavyweights of the 90th decade, Tyson bit the ear of his opponent Evander Holyfield twice.

When Tyson was sitting calmly in a plane, an overexcited fan harassed Tyson. This ignited the wrath inside Tyson and he unloaded a flurry of punches at him.