Sophia Grace and Rosie had made their return to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and brought that super bass with them! The cousins, Sophia Grace now 19, and Rosie now 15, joined Ellen DeGeneres on 12 May's episode.

The duo, who were five and eight at the time of their first appearance in 2011, went viral after a video of them performing Minaj's “Super Bass” in pink tutus and tiaras went viral. 

DeGeneres brought the girls on the show to perform the hit for the audience and even surprised them with Minaj herself.  

Sophia Grace and Rosie went on to hang out on red carpets with Drake, have tea with Taylor Swift, meet One Direction and even write their own books. Years later, the girls still have DeGeneres to thank for their fond memories.

Sophia Grace shares her thoughts on her favorite memory and says, “One of them was probably with Drake." “Cause me and my dad have always been big fans.

Sofia further adds, that her second favorite memory is with Niki Minaj.

Whereas Rosie’s fave memory involves another very famous pop star: Justin Bieber. “My favorite memory is with Justin Bieber,” she recalls. “When he kissed me on the cheek at the Kids' Choice Awards. 

Over a decade later, the duo still has big dreams and hearts for performing. “I’m focusing on my music at the moment,” Sophia Grace says.

Rosie adds, “So obviously, following in Sophia’s footsteps, I’m releasing a new song. My new song, it’s called 'Safe,' and the music video is out as well.

Before saying goodbye one last time, Sophia Grace and Rosie blessed the Ellen audience with another performance of "Super Bass."