The beloved historical drama The Lord Of the Rings: The Rings of Power is gearing up to be released in September 2022 

This would be the first time the fandom is going to introduce fans to Tolkien's mythical Second Age.

The adventure is set in a different time frame and would be reprising many familiar characters from the previous timelines of the story.

The fans have already been introduced to different kinds of Orcs previously and what crucial role they play in the series.

The show creators have said that they look forward to bringing in other types of Orcs in the new series and they will make it looks more realistic.

The monsters are going to return out of the darkness to the Middle-earth. But this time instead of appearing in a form of the powerful army they will be shown as scattered monsters.

The head of the prosthetics department Jamie Wilson explained- "The Orcs kind of disappeared. Everyone thought, 'Yay, they've been wiped off Middle-earth.'

This is really them coming back out as they reform under a so-called new leader who's going to lead them forward."

Lindsey(exec. producer) said- "But, when they are up close to the camera, Orcs are really practical and almost exclusively

The Rings of Power is gearing up to be released in September 2022