Blade Is Going to War With Marvel’s Entire Vampire Nation

By Christy Mathew

After Doctor Strange's death, Blade is going to war with Dracula's Vampire Nation. Marvel will be releasing Death of Doctor Strange: Blade #1 in December.

This comic will revolve around exploring the ramifications of Doctor Strange's death. This wil be seen particularly among Earth's  vampires. Doctor Strange had once wiped out all of them with a spell.

Blade's powers help him to have the strengths of a vampire without any vulnerability to sunlight. The character was sworn to hunt and kill every single vampire.

Blade has come across many Marvel heroes and has recently joined the Avengers. His arch-nemesis, Dracula made bold moves across the Marvel Universe and established the Vampire Nation.

Blade is appointed as the sheriff of vampire nation eventually to keep Dracula in check. After Strange's death, Vampire Nation celebrates but Blade has to put aside his anger because other entities from another dimension have attacked vampire nation.

Blade and Dracula are seen fighting side by side against the invaders. However, he has made a last-minute decision to dispose of formerly useful vampires beforehand. What will Blade do as the sheriff of the Vampire Nation?

Fans will have to wait until December to find out. Blade is still angry with the vampires and he must decide between his principles as a hero and his urge to wipe out the undead for good.