Blackswan Fatou Reacts To “Bully” Leia, Says ‘Shouldn’t Have Stooped As Low As Her’

Blackswan is a new girl group from Korea that debuted in October 2020. Rania, the second-generation girl group; rebranded as Blackswan after many of the original members left. They were known for being one of the most inclusive ensembles; with members from all over the world.

Alexandra, one of its members, was the first K-pop idol of African descent. While K-pop musicians come from all over the world, they are predominantly Asian. Fatou, the current member of Blackswan, is a Senegalese artist; who is one of the few Black artists in South Korea. She has, however, received racist and hate letters as a result of claims that she bullied Leia.

Last week, Leia’s Brazilian-Japanese fans claimed that they had received messages from the idol’s family claiming that Fatou was bullying her. They posted screenshots of apparently private messages between them and Leia’s relatives.

Some admirers first refused to believe the words, claiming that they were not written by a native Portuguese speaker.However, since then, certain fans and trolls have been sending Fatou a barrage of hate messages on social media, along with racist slurs, forcing her to address the problem.

Fatou indirectly denied bullying Leia in a lengthy Twitter statement. She claimed that she and Leia had a verbal spat and that she had accused her of being manipulative. The idol stated that Leia was egotistical, that she gaslit other members; that she simply lied, that she would victimize herself; and that she would try to manipulate everyone.

She brought up other instances, such as when Leia treated Fatou’s family with disdain; since Fatou was able to meet her family while Leia was unable to. When she was denied access to Fatou’s personalized promotional selfies, she claimed Fatou despised her.

Fatou also alleged that Leia had told a friend that she was going to ruin Blackswan and that she didn’t want to be a part of it. She also stated that Leia lied about her health; claiming to have a slipped disc and taking pills for her mental health; because of the company and Fatou, but that the causes were obviously related to her time in Brazil.