BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Solo Album Release Date Confuses Fans

By: Christy Mathew

Lisa’s solo album release date was confirmed by her agency on August 25. They had released a new promo poster for the mini-album by the singer with some information about it.

Details about the tracks on the album and how many songs will be included have not been revealed. But looking at the promotions for Lisa’s album, the agency might reveal more information moving ahead.

Lisa’s mini-album is scheduled to release on September 10. The album is set to premiere at 12 am EST and 1 pm KST. 

As per a Twitter post by BLACKPINK’s official account, it has called this a single album. This has led to few fans to wonder if the album will contain just one song, similar to Jennie’s solo release.

The poster of Lisa sees her in long silver braids as she is donning a red two-piece outfit. Fans have been taking to social media to show their excitement for the anticipated release. 

They were also appreciating how good Lisa looked in the poster. Many others were, however, confused about the release date.

Fans were wondering if the album is releasing on September 10 or October 9. To be fair, the date format in South Korea is different from that in the US as well as many other countries. They follow the YYYY:MM: DD format. It releases on September 10, 12 am EST.

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