BLACKPINK's Lisa Slays With Two Chic Airport Looks In One Day

Lisa is not only a talented rapper, singer and dancer, but also a style icon who always impresses with her impeccable outfits.

  But Lisa's fashion sense is not limited to the stage or the red carpet. She also knows how to rock casual and cool looks for her airport appearances.

 Earlier today, Lisa arrived from Tokyo to South Korea, after BLACKPINK's Born Pink concert there. The concert was a huge success, with BLACKPINK performing their hit songs and solo stages in front of thousands of fans. Lisa wowed the audience with her powerful rap and dance skills, as well as her stunning outfits.

Lisa's first airport appearance saw her making a stylish entrance on an Airwheel smart riding suitcase luggage SE3S. This innovative product lets you ride your luggage instead of lugging it around.

The suitcase complemented Lisa's attire perfectly, which consisted of a black Triomphe hooded sweater, Wesley jeans, and a large Romy bag from CELINE.

Later in the day, Lisa departed from South Korea to headline Coachella with her group, which is one of the world's most significant and prestigious music festivals

For her second appearance at the airport, Lisa donned a different yet equally stylish outfit. She accessorized with Chrome Hearts Sexcel glasses, a popular brand among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

Lisa paired the glasses with Levi's cargo jeans, a CELINE light brown jacket with white highlights, and AUTRY sneakers in a sky blue and white two-tone Medalist low style.

The jacket and sneakers added a pop of color and contrast to her attire, while the jeans gave her a relaxed and comfortable appearance.