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By Christy mathew

Blackpink Fans Slam Lisa’s Mistreatment As YG Stock Drops

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YG Entertainment’s stocks have dropped half a day after reports of Lisa not attending Paris Fashion Week while being in France surfaced. Fans have been noticing and voicing out the mistreatment and unfair decisions that are being taken for the Thai-born idol.

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The matter even reached Bvlgari’s CEO and Vogue Thailand who decided to talk about it. Ever since then fans of Lisa and Blackpink have been trending ‘Justice for Lisa’ and #YGLetLisaDoHerWork. 

Lilies had already been furious about the label not announcing Lisa’s solo debut. Fans claimed the label did not promote her solo debut properly after the release of LaLisa. 

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The idol’s fans have already accused the label of not doing enough as the record-breaking single album could have done more successfully had YG promoted it. Fans were even more disappointed when Lisa confessed she is dicy about the future of her solo debut activities. However, after the backlash, YG got Kmedia to report that Lisa was attending Paris Fashion Week.

Rose, Jisoo and Jennie attended the fashion shows of their endorsed brands. Blackpink’s Rose was the first member to be attending by going to YSL’s show. Jennie was dubbed as the humane Chanel on October 5 while Jisoo drew in the biggest crowd at Dior. Lisa was reunited with her mother on October 4 and fans expected to see her attending some of the shows on October 5.

However, she was nowhere to be seen and Lilies started to slam the label because of the recurring mistreatment. Fans went on to ask the CEO of Bvlgari who made a special Instagram post for them. He revealed that the singer was invited to the Etam show which Bvlgari had endorsed.

Not only that but Lisa was also asked to shoot their campaign with Zendaya and supermodels Lily Aldrige and Vittoria Ceretti. However, the CEO revealed that her label YG had refused to cite COVID-19 as an excuse. Other news agencies like Vogue Thailand reported this and shared fans’ frustrations. Lisa was vaccinated but YG allowed the rest of the group except her, to attend the crowded shows.

But it looks like social media is an immensely powerful tool. After fans started the trend and phrases on Twitter, YG’s stocks have fallen. The stocks had fallen by 500 won an hour ago, while Google reported half an hour ago that it had gone down by 100 won. Fans think this is the only way for them to find an answer to the partiality.

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