BlackPink Becomes No. 1 Subscribed YouTube Channel After Lisa's LaLisa Sweep Charts

The Blinks are rejoicing as BlackPink's Lisa released her solo debut album which became a hit. They were excited to see what the K-Pop idol will release and she did not disappoint.

Reports came in right after that, BlackPink has broken another record on Youtube.

Forbes had reported after inspecting the K-pop side of YouTube and released a list of the most influential and highest earning acts. Blackpink garnered the second-highest K-Pop act.

Not only that, it became the highest K-Pop female act on the list. The band had 64.6 million YouTube subscribers and 19.2 billion views which crossed the K-pop act which held the first place.

BlackPink has become the most subscribed artist on YouTube ever. YouTube had recently announced that Blackpink's channel had surpassed Justin Bieber's channel. 

Blackpink opened their Youtube channel in 2016 while Justin started his on 2007. Along with that, Lisa's solo debut has gained a lot of attention. LaLisa has already gained the highest first-day ales record even if it has been only a few hours.

Along with ‘Lalisa’ ranking at #4 on iTunes US, the single has topped iTunes in 39 countries. Additionally, the music video for ‘Lalisa’ currently has 33 million views and is the fastest debut music video to reach 10 million views in just 90 minutes of its release.