BLACKPINK, Aespa, And TWICE Are The Current Champions Of The Girl Group Brand Reputation

BLACKPINK, who topped the November Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings last month, has solidified its position as the #1 girl group this month.

A monthly study of the influence and interest of audiences in these K-pop musicians reveals that aespa is in second place, while TWICE is in third place.

he super-seniors Girls Generation have taken the number four place, proving that they are still relevant and outstanding nearly one and a half decades after their debut. Red Velvet, the SM Entertainment juniors of SNSD, are ranked No. 5.

Over the period of October 14 to November 14, the trends in reactions, including favorable and negative responses to various female groups, were gathered and valued using points.

Oh My Girl, Apink, MAMAMOO, WJSN, and LABOUM fill the next five positions, each with a sizable following.

BLACKPINK’s continued rule can be attributed to the girls’ continued involvement in numerous fashion events.

The group has benefitted from Lisa’s continuous song releases and stardom, as well as Jisoo’s drama lead debut in ‘Snowdrop.’ TWICE recently made a comeback with ‘Formula of Love,’ and aespa has witnessed love for their first physical release, ‘Savage.’