Binance Card Adds Support For Shiba Inu Enabling 60 Million Plus Merchants To Accept Shib As Payment

Binance Card Is Now Supporting Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Shiba Inu Twitter also shared the achievement.

Now that SHIB has been added to the list of supported currencies by Binance, users of Binance Cards can spend them.

Binance has a reputation for coming up with very original concepts that enhance both the user experience and the company's ability to reach new markets. From developing applications to promoting DeFi staking to introducing Binance Card recently.

A major development is Binance Card, which makes it possible for some of the most disadvantaged groups, such as Ukrainian refugees, to use its digital services and conduct transactions securely despite mounting domestic restrictions.

The exchange has now revealed that it would be expanding the list of supported tokens on the Binance Card to include XRP and SHIB. This is a fantastic step forward, especially in light of the recent tremendous growth in popularity and adoption of the two tokens. This is true despite XRP being accused by the SEC.

After the news, the SHIB community seemed enthusiastic. The excellent news was swiftly shared on the SHIB official Twitter account. SHIB users and admirers will have access to the Binance Card across Europe.

With this new feature, SHIB users may now use the token to make purchases at more than 60 million merchant locations worldwide. Additionally, there is a special deal with up to 8% cashback and no yearly or FX fees.

There are a few guidelines that Binance Card users must follow, according to the associated notice posted on the Binance website. Currently, only users in EEA (European Economic Area) nations and Ukrainian refugees residing in such nations can use the Binance Card. Additionally, users may choose up to 12 tokens, with a maximum of six priority tokens, on their Binance Card.