Billionaire Michael Jordan Didn't Even Pay Isiah Thomas For The Last Dance Before Backstabbing Him

Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas had a long-standing rivalry as basketball players, which continued even after their retirement from the sport.

In 2020, Jordan released "The Last Dance," a documentary that chronicled the Chicago Bulls' 1997-98 season, in which he portrayed Thomas in a negative light.

Despite their rivalry, Jordan wanted Thomas to appear in the documentary and had his producer reach out to him, claiming that his perspective was essential to the story.

Thomas agreed to participate and spent two hours giving an interview, but much of his footage was not used in the final cut of the documentary.

Thomas was also made fun of in the documentary for the "meeting the criteria" meme, which he found disrespectful.

Thomas did not receive any compensation for his participation in the documentary, but he did not request payment as he believed in sharing knowledge and uplifting others.

Thomas expressed disappointment with how the documentary turned out and how he was portrayed in it, suggesting that it did not accurately reflect his contributions to the game of basketball.

Jordan's net worth is estimated to be around $2 billion, making it all the more egregious that Thomas was not compensated for his participation in the documentary.

Thomas's experience with "The Last Dance" highlights broader issues related to compensation, representation, and power dynamics in the entertainment industry, particularly for people of color.