Beyonce's inspirational message on insecurities, "Embrace That Battle," is shared by Adrien Broner

One of the most prominent boxers in American history is Adrien Broner.

The former champion is renowned for both his flamboyant outside-the-ring trash-talking and his electrifying inside-the-ring performances. 

The fans are missing Broner because he hasn't competed in almost two years. 

He uses social media extensively. Whenever he has the chance, he doesn't hold back in inspiring his followers.

Michael Williams Jr., his opponent, had to withdraw from the fight due to a jaw injury, but he was supposed to compete last month.

Recently, Broner gave fans who are having trouble reaching their objectives a word of encouragement. 

Music legend Beyoncé was the one who delivered the message. According to Adrien Broner, the Instagram user mentalitygoal first published a video.

Beyoncé sends a potent message in the video for those who feel lost and pulled away from their objectives. The individual who hears the message will have chills down their spine. 



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