Bella Hadid recently spoke with E! News about her desire to return to VS as a model, how she began her 2022, and much more.

The model stated the following about her New Year’s decisions: “In my pajamas, I prepared dinner at home.

I didn’t have any FOMO. I felt absolutely at ease within it, and that’s when I realized my growth, to be honest, is being able to recognize that when New Year’s Eve rolls around, I don’t need to be out drinking or doing these things because I finally feel at ease on the inside.”

Going even further, the supermodel revealed that she is taking part in her first dry January. “It’s proving to myself that I have that inner willpower, you know what I mean?” It’s enough for me to know that I’m capable.”

“Another way that I realized my growth—which was super important for me—was being able to be in a setting where I once felt unempowered, and to now feel so empowered and so reassured,” Bella said of her controversial return to Victoria’s Secret

As the company attempts to rebrand after facing backlash, sexual harassment and bullying allegations in 2020—some of which were made by Bella herself.

She came to this conclusion: “I’m not sure whether people realize that it’s just as uncomfortable to be shooting a commercial in your underwear as it is to be in your underwear.

So, for me, the thing about Victoria’s Secret is that they care deeply about us.”