Bella Hadid Discusses The ‘Pleasure’ Of Becoming Khai’s Aunt

Bella Hadid can’t get enough of her niece Khai and is delighted to take on the job of ‘full-time’ aunt for her.

The model recently spoke about being around baby Khai and how it provides her the most joy in an E! Daily Pop interview.

Hadid went on to call her sister’s daughter, Gigi Hadid’s, the “biggest gift.”

There’s no doubting that Bella Hadid and Khai are already the cutest aunt-niece duo on the planet, as proven by Gigi Hadid’s Instagram images. 

Bella is frequently seen playing with her baby niece and recently spoke highly of Gigi and Zayn Malik’s daughter and how she has altered the family in the kindest way during a recent interview.

Bella marveled and aahed over her niece as she remarked, “I want to be with the baby and get up early in order to be there.

I never imagined I could be so happy in my life. She is the most precious gift. Our family has evolved in the finest possible way “,, via E!