Beautiful Poem BTS Taehyung Wrote In His 6th Grade Goes Viral

Kim Taehyung aka V of BTS is one of the multi-talented artist who can sing, dance, act, write songs, and entertain millions of fans

He has been in the spotlight since his debut with BTS in 2013 and has released many solo songs

That showcases his unique voice and style 

but thats not it, his talent goes on to writing poetry as well

On Children’s Day in Korea, which was today, a poem that Taehyung wrote when he was in 6th grade went viral on social media.

The poem, titled “Key“, is short and simple, but full of emotion and meaning

The poem reads: “Whether I’m happy or sad, A key that unlocks my heart, Whenever I’m drowning in sadness The key that tries to make me happy

the poem “key” by Kim Taehyung.The key to my feelings. A key that tries to fix anything Wherever and whenever there’s a conflict in my heart.”

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