Backstage Information On Brock Lesnar’s Come Back To WWE SmackDown

As previously stated, last night’s WWE SmackDown episode ended with the surprise appearance of The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

The Tribal Chief thwarted an RKO attempt and then speared Riddle for the pinfall in the final moments of the Undisputed WWE Universal Title match between Riddle and Roman Reigns.

Brock Lesnar’s music began to play as Reigns celebrated and claimed that he had wrecked everyone and that it was time for him to leave. He made his way down to the ring and, at first, appeared to offer his hand in respect to Reigns.

But then Brock grabbed Roman and gave him an F-5, which was accompanied by a couple of F-5s for The Usos as the event came to a close. A new report explains how another Brock vs. Roman plotline came to be.

It wasn’t in the initial plans for the next major Premium Live Event, SummerSlam, this time. The original plan for the main event before Brock was booked was for Randy Orton to return and confront Roman at SummerSlam.

However, with the most recent Randy updates indicating that The Apex Predator requires surgery and will require a lengthy recovery period, Brock was summoned to take his place.

Backstage, news of Brock’s return to SmackDown began to circulate around 5 p.m. ET, but he was not included on the internal rundowns distributed just before the show.

This could show that The Beast Incarnate will return to the WWE following his defeat at WrestleMania 38. Currently, the only feud for Brock Lesnar that makes sense is against Roman Reigns.